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Wi-Fi Surfing Has an Evil Twin


If you think you know all the tricks about avoiding identity thief; think again! The criminals will just lay low and wait for you to forget some available proactive measure and strike you down in the confusion and distraction of everyday existence. If they can't get you individually, they'll strike a business that fails to shred your personal information or has some security breach that avails access to the info needed.

Yes, by now most of us generally know Spoofing, Phishing, Pharming and many other tactics are used by thieves as a means to convince individuals to provide personal or financial information that enables the perpetrators to commit credit card/bank fraud or other forms of identity theft. Rest assured thieves keep up with technology and they continue to profit from your assets by being two steps ahead of unaware consumers. Well, guess what, Evil Twins are the current frontier in identity theft. According to Ken Silva, chief security officer at Verisign Inc., a Mountain View, CA company that provides Internet security services. Evil Twins in a nutshell are basically the wireless (Wi-Fi) version of a phishing scam. The Evil Twins do not pose as much of a threat when connecting to Wi-Fi networks from home. Thieves tend to go where there are a large concentration of Wi-Fi users such as airports, coffee shops, large bookstores and other public places that provide Wi-Fi hubs.

Wi-Fi Surfing Has an Evil Twin - Continued

Many people having become aware of scam artists and the eavesdropping that does occur when using public Wi-Fi services have implemented encrypted connections and other techniques for the safeguarding of their information or surfing habits. However, according to The Wall Street Journal even with the use of Internet counter intelligence measures there are still instances where what seems like an encrypted connection may actually be a rouge site for hackers. There really is no definitive way of detecting a corrupted Wi-Fi hub and as such cyber criminals have and continue to make a living off cultivating login data, personal data, tracking online activities and building profiles from activities that subsequently allow this new method of identity theft to grow and damage unsuspecting life's.

But, the good news is with every crime such as the Evil Twins comes proactive measures to eliminate their threat. To ensure you are always connected to a secure server over a wireless connection be it from home, work or a public Wi-Fi hub there is protection software available. Anonymous Surfing Software eliminates a cyber criminal from detecting any of your personal information and tracking your online activities. This software hides your IP address by redirecting it through a secure server using 128-bit Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology, similar to the protection a bank provides. This software also protects you from inadvertently visiting websites that are known for phishing pharming or are known spyware sites by displaying a warning page alerting you of the hidden dangers that lurk ahead. In summary, anonymous surfing software bypasses fraudulent hotspots by routing all your Internet traffic through secure servers that are updated every 15 minutes to detect all known threats.

If you really do want that extra insurance to protect your personal information, want to defend against identity theft and online scams, shop online safely, ensure secure Internet banking and close the lid on any doubts about wireless PC security then you should consider an easy one-click protection layer that anonymous surfing software provides with the ability to hide, mask or cloak an IP address and counter spyware and other threats. To learn more about Wi-Fi privacy check these software programs out

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