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Article 3 - Fix Registry Errors Safely With Registry Repair Software

Have you ever had a virus or spyware attack? Or have you ever downloaded an innocent looking piece of software, only to end up with a vicious Trojan or dreaded worm on your computer and loads of spyware? If you do anything online you will very likely know exactly what I am talking about.

However what you may not know about is the damage that can be done to your registry files when your computer is attacked by viruses and spyware. This is when registry repair software can help you.

Firstly let us briefly examine what the registry really is. It is actually a database on your computer. It stores vital configuration data about the software and hardware on your computer. Just imagine what happens when these files get corrupted!

If you are like most of us you are probably not very technical and you may not even be aware that your registry has gotten corrupted. The most common cause of registry damage is, as mentioned, viruses and spyware. Some of the most dangerous are worms and Trojans. They literally eat into your computer operating platform configuration; destroying the vital codes and files that your computer needs to function. In a very short time they can make your computer completely dysfunctional. Spyware is a close second as their files usually sit in your registry and attach themselves to your registry files. This will also corrupt your files.

The first thing to do when you want to fix registry errors safely is to assess the damage. Your first indication of anything being wrong will be if your computer slows down or if your graphics do not look or function correctly. Trouble with your browser is another indication. Odd pop ups suddenly coming, especially when you start your computer, sudden crashes, are also warning signs. When you see any or all of these signs it is time to take action.

In order to assess damage you will need to have a good virus and spyware scanner. There are free ones like Google's PC tools spyware doctor. This will help you with spyware detection. If you are doing anything online you should be equipped with good anti-virus software. This will scan your computer on a regular basis and show you the problems. These scan and report spyware and viruses on your computer. They will also tell you were the virus is hiding. Most of them are hiding out in your registry. Specific software is specially designed to fix, isolate or recode as necessary to keep your computer operating correctly.

Once you know that there are problems with your registry you can take steps to fix them. Much good anti-virus or anti-spyware software will remove the corrupted files safely, without damaging them. However some of these programs will not be able to do this. This is especially true if you have viruses like worms and Trojans. Files can also be lost when you remove viruses or software. When you remove the bad files, from the infection, they will be sticking to your good files and literally take your files away with them. This results in loss of files and data, and this is when you will need good registry software. This software will repair your files that these viruses and spyware have damaged. They will also put back ones that may have been lost. Software is like any marketed product; there is bad, good and best available. You need to compare the various software package capabilities, functions, warranties, ease of use, costs, etc.

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